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Our Customized Approach

At SCS, we understand that each client has unique priorities and challenges. And we certainly know no two projects are alike. So even though our process stays the same, when it comes to how we get it done — we tailor our approach with your unique business challenges in mind.  

Talk to us about your next project. 

Creative Collaboration.

We’ll work closely with you to create a detailed project plan supported by thorough and targeted research, ensuring your goals are met and effectively achieved. 

Strategic Planning

Communications and Marketing Plan

Public Relations

Advocacy & Issue-based Campaigns

Focus Groups


Project Management

Community Engagement

The Right Tools.

We’re creative problem solvers and love finding new and innovative tools to help you generate impactful, measurable results.

Graphic Design

Website Design

SMS Texting

Email Marketing

Social Media

Marketing Database Implementation

Google Adwords

Connected TV/OTT

Cinema Advertising Billboards/Bus Shelters

Actionable Insights.

We’ll help you analyze and assess the data and findings to help you make strategic, well thought-out decisions. 


Data Collection

Policy Briefs & Report Writing

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