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Rhode Island Department of Education

Garnering a record-breaking amount of public feedback on RI education policy


In 2022 the Rhode Island Department of Education needed to collect and record significant public input for their proposed “Readiness-Based Graduation Requirements to Reimagine High School,” a major curriculum change in State regulations.


SCS worked with RIDE to ensure ample opportunity for public comment, with an aggressive schedule of nine public hearings between March 22nd and May 5th, 2022. SCS worked closely with RIDE staffers to plan each public hearing, ensuring that those hearings had appropriate support, and that public comment was accurately recorded and coded for statistical analysis.


Under SCS’s guidance, there was record-breaking public comment (398 comments), making the proposed regulations the most-commented upon regulatory changes in RIDE’s recorded experience.

SCS's 2022 digital marketing efforts resulted in 627,817 impressions, reached 182,956 unique users, and generated 2,402 new users to the website.

“SCS was a vital partner for us during RIDE’s ‘Reimagining High School’ initiative. They were professional, capable, and responsive, and played an important role in making this the most commented-on set of education regulations in the state’s history.”

Stephen Osborne

State Strategy and Student Opportunity Officer, Rhode Island Department of Education

Services Rendered

Public Engagement, Project Management, Strategic Communications, Strategic Planning, Graphic Design, Digital Advertising

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