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Strategic Planning

At SCS, we think big picture and into the future. We support our clients in thinking that way too, ensuring that what we are working on now leads to even bigger success and impact down the line. We are expert facilitators who have led and participated in numerous planning processes, making sessions engaging, results relevant, and ensuring that action items from plans are realized. Whether it’s mapping out new work streams, creating new organizational structures, or assessing and resetting priorities, SCS support clients in defining strategy and making decisions to implement effectively.

Systems Change Strategies has:

  • Supported a network of direct service agencies in operational restructuring during a transition of Executive Directors

  • Led planning meetings with state agencies and community partners to braid funding and better serve clients

  • Facilitated work-plan development among state agencies and community partners to establish a new workforce pipeline and certificate-granting program for direct service professionals

Talk to a SCS staff member about your vision and priorities today.

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