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Case Study: Grassroots Organizing and Advocacy

A non-profit association of human service organizations engaged us to create a community organizing strategy to support their policy goals.  The organizations that comprise the association’s members had experienced years of declining state funding. Once seen as a national leader in the 90’s, years of difficult state budgets put the state’s system of providers in a workforce crisis, and in need of significant innovation and investment.  


We developed a three-pronged approach to raising the prioritization and ultimately state financial support for these critical human services in the state budgeting process.  First, we developed a clear policy agenda and message, so many organizations and people could deliver the same message. We engaged stakeholders throughout that process, and created a statewide network of people affected and family members to support the campaign through grassroots advocacy including lobbying and letter-writing.  Finally we developed a visual identity and digital infrastructure to support statewide digital advocacy and actions, and in support of multiple huge turnout events at the state house to coincide with relevant budget milestones.  


In year 1, we helped avert a $19 million cut in state and federal funding, and in year 2 helped gain $9.6 million in new state and federal funding to support increases in wages and compensation for close to 5,000 workers.

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