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Case Study: Digital Infrastructure Cleanup

A trade association with 20+ member organizations engaged us to help update their digital footprint. They had an out-of-date website, barely working email, and a confusing array of digital services that didn’t make life any easier for them or their members.


We identified the core needs of the client: a fresh, responsive website that the client could get information out to members and collect data through, working email service with a reliable provider, integration with their constituent data management tools, and a clean design. Then we built it, and pulled in the right people to make it all happen. Throughout the build, we solicited the client’s guidance and feedback to make sure our iterative design process created the final product that met all of their needs.


Since making the switch, the client has noted that their email service has not had a problem, the website has received nothing but positive feedback from members, who now use it to learn about association events, and share information about theirs, and they have gone entirely online with their data collection and event registration processes.

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