Making Systems Work for You 

Systems Change Strategies is a team of organizers and strategists who build plans and programs, communicate effective messages, and support progressive causes to create meaningful, lasting change. We work with clients who share our values to take on big projects and new ideas.

Our Services

Strategic Planning

From visioning to execution, SCS supports clients in developing strategic plans that effectively advance organizational priorities, setting benchmarks and focusing resources to accomplish shared goals.

Communications & Advocacy

Great messages move people to action, challenging their beliefs. Whether it’s a capital or political campaign, public awareness, or public relations we can help you find the pitch perfect message for your cause.

Project Management

It's all in the details. Be it a new program, campaign, or business venture, SCS creates the structures necessary to deliver client outcomes on time, keeping parties accountable and tasks organized.

Community Engagement

From listening sessions to grassroots organizing, SCS specializes in making interactions meaningful and impactful for clients and community alike.

Graphic Design

Whether it’s a new logo, brand development, printed collateral, or a marketing campaign, SCS creates custom visual content that engages people and generates a response.

Web Design

We build nimble and responsive web content and digital ads that make sure brands break through the noise. We  maximize ease for users, and create data structures to meet clients' needs, designing for impact. 

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We have the skills and experience in-house to design and manage the creation of incredibly effective direct mail and print collateral.  

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Campaign Services

We’re ready to help your campaign win. We offer a full suite of campaign services to provide professionalized support to your campaign team, and build capacity where you need it most.

Ready to find out more?

Let us know about your needs and someone from our team will contact you within two business days with a real-person response.  If you need a quote for our services, mention that and we will include in our reply. We look forward to working with you!